ELYZA JEPH is a Trip Rock project from Naples (Italy) by Lisa Starnini and Joe Nocerino that mixes trip hop, industrial, electro and rock influences.


Both professional musicians and big fans of Massive Attack, Portishead, NIN and Tool they decide to mix all of their backgrounds in a new kind of Trip Hop with rock shades that they call Trip Rock.


They introduce their project sharing their re-arranged covers of The Rip (Portishead) and Teardrop (Massive Attack) that gained a huge success among public and critics.


In March 2018 they released their debut ep "The Reason" distributed worldwide by IDM (iCompany group), that features the amazing Maartin Allcock on bass.


The duo is is supported live and in the studio by amazing musicians of the italian scene.


Rain, the official videoclip of “The Reason” wins The Akademia May 2018 Music Awards in Los Angeles, and "the reason" wins the akademia june 2018 best song music award.


In March 2020 they released "wake me up" and "daylight" produced by Simon Duffy (Planet Funk, Massive Attack, Amy Winehouse, Mika, Missy Elliott…).

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